Friday, October 2, 2015

Never dominate others!

It has been more than 6 years that I have been playing cricket. And it has been about 3 years since I've set my goal to be a cricketer.
                   Today I went for a cricket match along with my big brother. But I couldn’t play well. I couldn’t set myself in the field. And hence, the team lost.
                          After the game, we returned home. I got fresh and took my lunch. Soon after completing my meal I laid myself on the sofa. Then my brother said something.
"So this is how you want to be a cricketer, right? Such a poor game you have man", he laughed.
 I got confused.
"Yeah, I couldn’t play well. But actually that’s not my game bro. You have not seen my talent. You have not seen me being set in the field", I replied.
"Oh, stop making nonsense excuse. I  know something about this game too. I have seen players making triple century in a game, and you didn’t even score 30 runs", he laughed again.
"Oh yeah, sounds like you know much better than me. Do they make triple centuries in every game?" I replied.
"Umm, I don’t know that", he continued "but all I came to know is you don’t have any talent. Ok how many fucking sixes you scored today? Huh?"
                        That question banged me. It made my mind out of control and made me very angry. It felt like that question woke me up. I came to know he was trying to dominate me. He was trying to make fun of me. And I also knew what I had to do.
I smiled and asked," Ok, then what's your dream?"
I was very eager to hear his answer.
"Pilot", he replied in a very proud voice.
"Oh in that case, how many fucking planes you have flied?" I asked
He knew what I was trying to say. His face became pale. He was totally red. He turned to be speechless. I could easily read his face. He stood up and moved to the other room.
             So, never try to dominate others. If you can't encourage them then just don’t make them lose their confidence. It really makes them feel bad. Put yourself in that place and think once. Is that a bad question? Will it hurt the other guy? If the answer comes yes, then just keep it upon yourself.
                                Everyday isn’t a good day. The same player may score 400 runs in the 1st game and may get duck out in the other. The same player may score 6 goals in the 1st game and may end up being goalless in the other. The same student may top the 1st exam and may get failed in the other.
"Sorry!", he opened the door and tried to apologize. I could see the word sorry in his eyes. "My intension was not to make you feel bad. I really want to make up for that."
I had understood!

"That's ok", I smiled.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fake people!

Today when I wake up, I wake up with a tired face describing the tiredness of fake smile, fake hugs, fake friends, false hope and fake people. And when I try to open my eyes I fear whether I am surrounded by the fake ones or not.
                     Nowadays, I see a lot of fake people and sometimes I think what happened to those real ones? Actually today fake people do not surprise me anymore, loyal people do!
                          Fake guys are like pennies- two faced and too cheap. They are very good on pretending that they like you and they care for you. But they will be the one stabbing you in your back and asking you, "Why are you bleeding so hard?"
                   Nowadays everyone isn't your friend. Just because they hang with you and laugh with you doesn't mean they are for you. Just because they share something with you doesn't mean they are the real ones. People pretend very well.
                       Today I have so many fake people around me that I have been habitual to it. I realize the person with whom I used to share my every feelings was actually hiding everything from me. Sounds nonsense but a guy became so fake that one day he forgot who he actually is.
                              But now, I am fed up with them. I am tired facing them. However, I know I can't change the people around me but I can certainly choose those with whom I want to be. And I am damn sure I won't choose those who are fake and who keep on giving me fake hopes in order to grab unnecessary attentions. So, now it's my life, it's my choices, it's my mistakes and it's my lessons.
                                                    And you, yes you! Stop letting people be in your world just because they show you some hope. For the reason that it makes you feel good doesn't mean they may be true. Stop being afraid of those enemies who will attack you. Be afraid of yourself, if you will hug a fake guy someday.
             Be careful with whom you share your weakness. Some people can't wait for the opportunities to use them against you. Never eat with the people you didn't starve with. Never ride with the people you didn't walk with. It doesn't matter even if it makes you alone in a crowd. Be yourself. Control your mind, emotions and feeling. And yes pay attention every time because one real situation clearly exposes all those fake people.
                                                             -Hritik Pathak 77

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My 17th book!

So, it’s my 17th year now. It can’t believe it. Time gets passed so fast. Thank you all for wishing me on my birthday. Thank you all for making me feel special.
              I have completed 16 years of my lifespan. Don’t know how much days or years I am gonna live. Till now I have collected lots and lots of memories, though I don’t find them enough. Till now I have tried many things, though some beneficial and some blatant.
        Falling in love, bunking classes, getting involved in fight, getting drunk, driving crazy, making fun of teachers, etc. These things has always been my favorite moments.
                      Now it’s my 17th book that I am writing. 16th was the best, full of memories, full of joy and full of excitement where I experienced new things, where I met new people.
      But now, exhaling all my negative thoughts I’ll have to move on in those things in which I couldn’t. I’ll keep on writing good stories which will certainly make my 17th book better than that of 16th.

           All those incidents have taught me many stuffs. They say mistakes are the best teachers and yeah after making so many mistakes I am finally realizing what is it to be a good lover, a better son and the best person. I am finally learning all those stuffs which are making me mature day by day.

Monday, September 21, 2015


 Fear- the word itself sounds dangerous. According to the oxford dictionary, fear is probably that feeling which everyone has when something bad happens. But according to me, fear is the brains way of telling that there  is something which you need to face and rise up. Because you are likely known for what you overcome, not for what you do.
                  Every person in this world has fear, fear of something. The fear of imperfection. The fear of being defenseless. The fear of losing the one with whom you have a deep affection. The fear of failure.
               Even I have some fear. Can I be safe? Can I be me? Can I be accepted? Will I be successful? These questions usually roam around my mind and create a kind of fear inside me.
                  All these kinds of fear make you lose your head, whether to move on or to end up here. It makes you play a game where, if you face and get the better of it then you win but if you put back your steps then you lose the game. Now it's in your hand whether to ascend and be a winner or to change your tune and remain as a looser.
                    When you start facing it, you start getting more deeper into it, and when you start getting more deeper into it your fear goes on increasing. Now you will have no exception rather than dealing with it and giving your best. Then it's the actual moment, it's your real exam, where you should have some patience and keep on giving your best answer to the questions. You have to fight till the very last second of your time limit.

                   Finally after the exam there you are, the most delighted person in this world, the most proudest guy in this world. You have got the best of it. Congratulations! So stay cool, never give up and keep on going. And for those who don't have any kind of fear, you just don't have any dreams in your life!  

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I hate it. I absolutely hate it. It puts all the negative thoughts into my mind. Whenever I start over-thinking I start creating scenarios in my head. Some good, some bad. It can lead me to being let down.
It always creates a false hope. It always leads me to a bad mood. It makes me feel worthless and hopeless. It makes me feel like I was never good enough. It makes me feel like I am going to lose someone who means much to me. It stops me from doing something I want, because the scenarios scares me of the result and stops me from taking the risks. It prevents me from saying the things I've always wanted.
                          The biggest disease of the mind is over-thinking. It's like eating too much. The heaviness makes it difficult to stay light and flexible. Genuinely, it creates the problem that doesn't exists. It makes you swim in the river with no water.
                        A psychologist said," Over-thinking is a dream killer, sometimes you can drown yourself in your own dreams." Certainly, it ruins you. It ruins the thing, twists the situation, makes you worry and finally makes everything worst than it actually is.
                     When you start over-thinking, you start breaking everything into small pieces and even get deeper into it. You even cover your good qualities by your thinking and let it burn for sometime. You let yourself be in, in a firetrap and that fire gets into every room of your mind. You become like a Dracula sucking your own blood. You deconsecrate everything and just over-think.
                        Though you know it's unnecessary thinking. Though you know it hurts you more than in real life. Though you know it makes your situation more complicated. You over-think! This is because when you start over-thinking you can never stop it. So, just never let anything play in your mind. Feel relaxed all the time. Stay calmed. Just leave everything and watch what's gonna happen next!

                                                     -Hritik Pathak 77!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A letter to my dad!

Dear Dad,
Having a father like you is the best complacency I have ever got. Having a guy like you in the clan is the happiest thing our family has ever got. Having a mate like you makes me feel like I am the most luckiest one.
           You are the perfect example of how a person with the feeling of altruism should be. You are the perfect example of how a person can ascend in his life just for others. You are the perfect example, how a god's gift should be.
              You are the best father anyone can ever have. Your ways of dealing with my every problems in such a diplomatic way is one of the best quality in you. Your way of acceding my proposals is just awesome. Spending the time by clicking photos with a photographer like you has always been my favorite moment.
Your way of making fun of me, even makes me laugh. Talking with you whenever you are boozed up makes me feel even funnier. Your habit of never getting in a bluster mood is the thing I love the most. That's why I feel free to share my secrets with you. That's why sometimes I feel like you know about me more than I know about myself.
          Sometimes I dream of the moment when we two will go in a tour, sit in a bank of river and have a can of beer. LOL!
                 I know you love me the most. I know you are the one who will stand by my side even though the whole world is on the other one. I know you are the one who will catch my finger and make me move on in every situation. Just remain happy. Stay cool. Stay funny as ever. Keep supporting. And don't worry one day i'll surely make you proud. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

And a day without her

A day without her made me feel like a decade without her. Truely I missed her alot. I was satisfying myself remembering her smile. I was happy remembering the moments we had with each other. It felt like something important was missing. It was like my blood about to lose it's colour. I was like an empty beer glass. I was like a cigrattee without match stick. I was like why I miss her so much. It's just amazing. I didn't even used to miss cricket that much. Just a day and that much worst feeling. That's just LOL! I have realized now I can live without cricket but not without her. Not at all! Just I wanted was to spend a little time with her, even a minute would be enough. Just I wanted was a doz of her one smile. Just I wanted was a word from her sweet lips. Just I wanted was a blink of her cute eyes. Now just I think is , if one day could kill me this much then what if she goes too far away from me. In that case, surely I would leave this world, in fact there won't be any reason for my survival. Surely, I would give up. How I hope like there won't be any wall between us. How I hope like she would understand my love. How I hope like she would love me as much as I do her. How I hope like she would be by my side forever and we would spend our life looking to each other. And how I hope like she had missed me as much as I did her today. So, this was how my day ended up. The feeling that I missed her throughout the day. The feeling that i couldn't celebrate my weekend. The feeling of darkness everywhere!!! ~Hritik Pathak 77